Brake & Clutch Repair Hall Green

If you are unsure about the condition of your brakes or your clutch is failing, visit us for expert brake and clutch repairs in Hall Green. Naturally, these components will wear over time and will eventually need replacing. We offer honest advice and will only recommend replacing parts if your vehicle needs it. Call now for a free quote or to book an appointment at our local garage.

Clutch Replacement

Your clutch is an integral part of your vehicle’s transmission system and regular driving can cause wear over time.

If you suspect your clutch may be failing then bring it to us for a full inspection and we can advise whether it needs replacing.

Our vehicle technicians will examine the clutch components including the disc, flywheel, pilot bushing, pressure plate, crankshaft, clutch fork and cable and will recommend the best repair solution which may be a complete replacement of the entire clutch system, or component specific repairs such as resurfacing or replacement of the flywheel, for example.

We only ever use quality replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer or better to ensure durable results and total customer satisfaction.

Signs Your Clutch Needs Replacing

If your clutch is failing you should notice some symptoms that subtly appear and worsen over time. Signs of a failing clutch include crunching when changing gear, grinding, loose clutch pedal, and a slipping clutch to name a few.

Brake Repairs

Having brakes that work efficiently is fundamental to safe driving. The braking system consists of many parts such as discs, pads, shoes, drums and hoses. Our expert vehicle technicians will check all components plus brake fluid levels to check for performance, wear and leaks. If any parts need replacing, we will advise you and arrange for repairs at competitive prices.

Free Brake Inspections

If you are concerned about the condition of your brakes then bring your vehicle in for a free check-up.

Book an Appointment for Brake and Clutch Repair

For brake and clutch repairs in Hall Green, near Yardley Wood in Birmingham, get in touch today. We can arrange a service for a day to suit your schedule.

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