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MOT Hall Green

If your annual vehicle inspection is due, call now to book your vehicle in. We are a DVSA approved test centre and perform all inspections on-site in our garage workshop. Offering class 4, 5 & 7 tests, we can inspect cars, motorhomes, vehicles with up to 13 seats, and 3.5 tonne light goods vehicles. To book an MOT test in Hall Green near Yardley Wood in Birmingham, get in touch today.

What Does an MOT Test Involve?

The test involves checking many parts of the vehicle to ensure it meets the set standards for both road safety and environmental legislation. The test does not include an inspection of the engine, clutch or gearbox, so if you have any concerns about these vehicle components, please speak to one of our technicians. 

The following list details many components inspected as part of a test. To check the government guidelines for MOT testing, click here. Components checked include:

Check When MOT is Due

Unsure when your test is due? To find out, simply head over to the government’s easy to use MOT status vehicle registration look up tool. 

All vehicles that are driven on public roads must have an annual test from three years of age. The only exception is classic vehicles that were registered more than 40 years ago.

Although classic cars over 40 years of age do not need testing, we advise regular servicing and inspections to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive, for both yourself, passengers and other road users. 

Free Retest

If your vehicle fails, don’t worry! Leave it with us to repair or bring it back for testing within 10 working days and we will complete the retest for free. 

How Can I Make Sure My Car Passes the MOT?

There are steps you can take to give your vehicle the best chance of passing first time. Take a look at the list of parts inspected above, as some can be checked yourself including lights, washers, windscreen and tyres.

Book Your Test Today

Call now to book your MOT test in Hall Green, near Yardley Wood in Birmingham. You can leave your vehicle with us or relax and wait in our comfortable waiting room that includes a TV, drinks machine and ample seating.

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