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Car Garage Servicing | How To Keep Your Car In Good Condition

There are a few things that can be done to help get the most out of your vehicle, such as regular car garage servicing and inflating tyres frequently. Find out what you can do to maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Regular Car Garage Servicing

Car garage servicing should be a priority for most vehicle owners. You can opt for a full or interim service, depending on how many miles you cover. It involves a full and thorough check of many components, such as the brakes, tyres, lights, and gearbox. This appointment can help diagnose issues early before they develop into larger, more expensive problems.

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Driving Performance

The way you drive your vehicle between car garage servicing can impact its condition. If it is used irresponsibly, some parts can wear more quickly than they should. Avoid doing things like riding the clutch with your feet. This causes unnecessary friction, which can cause the components to wear out prematurely.

Top Up Fluids

It’s always good to keep fluids like fuel topped up to avoid any issues. It’s really important to keep an eye on things like engine oil and coolant in order to keep a healthy engine. Car garage servicing can help ensure this is maintained well. The issues that could occur from keep these running out can be very expensive. Perform monthly checks to see whether anything needs to be topped up. Even keeping the screen wash at a good level is important for the safety of your vehicle. Without it, your view can be obstructed and accidents can happen.

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Check Tyres

Car garage servicing and MOTs will look at your tyres and see whether they are roadworthy or not on your scheduled appointments. Between these assessments, it’s always good to maintain them well. Check that they are fully inflated at least once a month, and make sure not to under or over-inflate as this can be unsafe and cause problems.

Frequent Cleaning

Whilst it may seem tedious, it’s good to get the exterior of your vehicle cleaned often. Leaving debris on it such as bird droppings, could cause premature corrosion which isn’t ideal. To keep the outside of your vehicle in good condition, we recommend frequent washes, with wax and polish for extra protection.

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If you are wanting to keep your vehicle in the best shape, it’s important to follow these steps. For more information on the services we offer at Priory Service Station, contact our team now.

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